Bogotá, Colombia electronic artist Gabriela Jimeno, aka ela minus, shares an enchanting new track from her forthcoming Adapt EP, out next week. It's a bright and nimble synth gem that recalls Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith's poppier side, but the track's light effervescence is tempered by a distinct, bittersweet melancholy and nostalgia for "Ceremony", and the disheartening lack thereof. Gabriela says of the track:

"Ceremony is about getting bored of people not being able to say the things they mean. We have put ourselves in a position where being nice but untruthful is more acceptable than being blunt and honest. And that breaks my heart. It makes everything so unceremonious, it makes goodbyes be “fade outs” instead of “ceremonies”, and that literally makes me weak in my knees, I realized, that the fact that I got silence instead of a proper “goodbye” hurt me more than the fact that the relationship ended. And it doesn’t only happened with that relationship, i see it with everything, even with work. I think seeing everything more lightly, makes us be able to see things in a more honest way, to be more free, and then we communicate better, and we create better things, and are more respectful to each other, etc. I do think seeing things lightly actually adds depth."