With After Dark 2 on the horizon, Johnny Jewel is offering up a free download of the classic first compilation, which features tracks from Glass Candy, Chromatics, and the rest of the Italians Do It Better roster. Jewel had this to say:

Over 5 years ago we released a slow-burning label sampler at midnight on my birthday. The original pressing was a demo CDR that Ida No colored with markers & glued cutouts of my hand spraypainting our names on the world. It was supposed to be a limited edition of 237 copies meant for the merch tables of Texas & California. It exploded overnight. 77 minutes of analog electronic music mutating through Italo Disco, Krautrock, Electro, Giallo Cinema, & Pop. By now, After Dark seems like it's in its thousandth pressing...(we lost track a long time ago). And as we prepare for the release of After Dark 2, we wanted to share with you where it all began. The last 5 years seem like a beautiful blurry dream. Since the October 15th release date was announced back in July, everyone has grown increasingly anxious for the hard copy. At that time, we didn't know Karl Lagerfeld was going to commission Chromatics to choreograph 27 minutes of music for the Chanel runway. We also couldn't have known that Symmetry was going to be asked to score a top-secret motion picture for 2013. There is so much music we can't wait for you to hear. For the diehard fans, we're going to start leaking tracks next week. After slowly chiseling away at it since the spring of 2008, After Dark 2 is finally right around the corner. Thanks to everyone for being so enthusiastic & patient. I promise it's worth the wait. In the meantime, download the fully remastered version of the first After Dark from my soundcloud. I blended it together at 5 am this morning. Enjoy!


Johnny Jewel

Download After Dark below, and check the full tracklist after the jump...

Glass Candy / Rolling Down The Hills (3:32)
Chromatics / Hands In The Dark (4:48)
Mirage / Last Nite A Dj Saved My Life (6:42)
Mirage / Lady Operator (5:37)
Glass Candy / Computer Love (5:37)
Professor Genius / La Grotta (6:33)
Chromatics / Killing Spree (1:19)
Farah / Law Of Life (7:28)
Chromatics / In The City (7:09)
Glass Candy / Miss Broadway (6:46) Feat. Nat Walker / Saxaphone & Eyvind Kang / Strings
Mirage / Lake Of Dreams (9:26)
Farah / Dancing Girls (5:36)
Glass Candy / The Chameleon (4:55)
Professor Genius / Pegaso (2:44)