This one was a last-minute entry on our records of the year (SO FAR) list, from a mysterious artist named Domenique Dumont. Even Domenique's own label, the Paris-based Antinote Recordings, claims to know nothing about the artist (please), but he/she has created a blissful, dreamily aquatic world via an elegant collision of dub, tropicalia, chillwave, ye-ye, bossa nova, techno, balearic, and every other genre/vibe you could possibly need for the beach. The poppier vocal tracks "Comme Ça" + "L'Esprit de l'Escalier" are the obvious standouts, but repeat listens of jams like "La Bataille de Neige" + "Le Château de Corail" reveal a deeper, insanely pleasant, spaced-out surf-dub trip. Comme Ça is out now; listen to the record in its entirety below: