When Animal Collective was in town last week, Geologist suggested that based on our over-posting of Dum Dum Girls, Vivian Girls, and the like, we may be into the fuzzy garage pop from relatively obscure '60s Indonesian girl-group Dara Puspita. I tracked down --and have subsequently been enjoying -- their exceedingly charming 1967 album A Go Go, which is definitely worth a listen if you can find it (the original LP is apparently next to impossible to find, and it isn't cheap). Check the sweet Bee Gees cover, which is approximately 5x better than the original:

And from their first record, 1965's Jang Pertama, the "Satisfaction"-aping "Mari-Mari" (via):

Read more about Dara Puspita here, and download some more rarities from these dudes, who call the girls "the best pre-ironic tropical psych-pop ever."



Not sure what to say about this one: the dude who brought us this does this with Phaseone's "Daily Routine" remix...