Christopher Owens + Chet JR White are new San Francisco duo Girls. The boys would like to "to conjure up auditory memories of listening to a Beach Boys song out of an old car speaker," and their beautiful lo-fi pop actually comes pretty close to that. This is some of the most starkly honest and affecting stuff I've heard in a while, like a more relatable, hopelessly romantic version of Ariel Pink (related side note: Owens also plays in Holy Shit). The four songs over at their myspace page are all worth your time, but the sincere longing and sort of sad hopefulness they convey on these two gems is what won me over (thanks to Jennifer for the tip):

girls :: hellhole ratrace
girls :: god damned

Girls' limited Hellhole Ratrace 7" is due this spring on True Panther Sounds. The first 100 copies allegedly come with custom corsages, so get on it early. Girls also expect to have a full-length out this summer, and will play the French MIDI Festival in July.