Nicole Dollanganger x GvsB takeover: Coma Cinema
My favourite live performance of all time. All musical projects that Mat is part of have always found a way to be touching and funny and sometimes bizarre at the same time. Only is one of my favourites off the record Stoned Alone, but this particular performance of it is entirely its own creature...
Nicole Dollanganger x GvsB takeover: Acid†Priest
If you’re not familiar with Acid†Priest, I’d recommend starting with Vacation Wasteland, the single off their EP Outta Control. Their drummer Matt recently performed this song drenched in his own blood and gave himself a tattoo in the song’s hon…
stream/download Wilco’s free new album Star Wars
Listen to Wilco's very refreshing, pleasant surprise of a new album Star Wars, which sounds to us like it bears some very heavy White Denim influence in its looseness and nervy restlessness (which wouldn't be too much of a stretch; WD toured with Wilco back in 2012, and Jeff Tweedy produce…
running best songs of 2015 list
02 METRO THUGGIN - Free Gucci
03 JAMIE XX - Loud Places
04 CHROMATICS - In Films
06 PANDA BEAR - Tropic of Cancer
07 LOWER DENS - Your Heart Still Beating
08 JAMIE XX - I Know There's Gonna Be (Good Times) (feat...
Tei Shi x Gorilla vs. Bear takeover: Mecano
Mecano was a huge pop band from Spain during the 80s and early 90s. They were a really cool, ahead of their time band and I think some of their music still sounds pretty relevant today. I was exposed to their music because my older sisters listened to them a ton, and their songs played a big role in…
Tei Shi x Gorilla vs. Bear takeover: Nick Hakim
Nick Hakim is truly great and you should check out his music. It’s smooth and soulful and created with real care and emotion. And his voice is out of this world. Nick and I met during a summer camp where we performed Mariah Carey and Musiq Soulchild duets together in front of a bunch…

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