Okay, this rules. Nick Catchdubs just posted his latest mix up on his Fool's Gold blog. The mix features seemingly every single band that played Lollapalooza from '92-'96, not to mention every other band you liked in the '90s, including Nirvana, Pavement, Beck, Sonic Youth, A Tribe Called Quest, Tripping Daisy(!), and many more, as well as countless recognizable audio snippets from your favorite '90s flicks/cartoons. Catchdubs says:

"Even with double digit-old tunes, Radio Friendly Unit Shifter feels right on time, connecting the dots between Sonic Youth breakbeats, weeded Lollapalooza rap, gloriously fuzzed-out one hit wonders and much more. No irony, no empty nostalgia, just a lot of music we love that shaped what we do today."

Download the full hour-plus-long mix here:

Full tracklist here.



Sorry for all of the Walkmen-related chatter lately, but I still can't get enough of their new record, and this song in particular. Last week we saw the official video for You & Me's lead single, and now we have the band playing the same song in a basement. After the performance, the band goes on to discuss their enormous carbon footprint in this special "green edition" of Juan's Basement.