Austin's Caroline Says is set to follow up one of the most beautiful records of 2018 with her new Ohio River EP, coming November 22nd on Western Vinyl. She talks about the gorgeously wistful title track, which was inspired in part by Springsteen and a Steely Dan classic:

This song is about growing up in a small southern town, having fun as a teenager while you’re there, moving away, and then visiting it later in life as a different person with a different perspective, but having fond memories of it there. I guess a common theme for me… also very Bruce Springsteen. They’re watching a river to distract themselves from a sad thing.

I had “Dirty Work” by Steely Dan in my head for this, although it sounds nothing like it. I used the Wurlitzer in the second verse because of it.

Caroline Says heads out on tour with fellow Austin group Hovvdy this week, find all of those dates here.