Burial has announced a new release coming this December on Hyperdub called Tunes 2011-2019, a sprawling collection of highlights from his astonishing body of EP material from the past 8+ years, including the entirety of one of our favorite records of the decade, Rival Dealer. A press release says of the record:

The collection, sequenced by Burial, shows the depth and brilliance of his post-Untrue development; from long, twisting, collage works, which travel through unexpected zones, to his more pointed, poppier side and back to the haunted, open horizons of beat-less pieces.

While no new material will be featured on the release, it'll be nice to have all these tracks compiled in what Burial views as their proper sequence, and it's certainly a staggering reminder of what an incredible decade that Burial has had. Listen to a two-and-a-half-hour playlist we put together featuring Burial's track sequencing below:

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