Montreal's Chloé Soldevila and her band Anemone share the gauzy, dreamlike video for their new single "Daffodils", shot by Chloé and the group in White Sands, NM, before they got kicked out of the park for ripping so hard. Watch below, and catch Anemone live in Paris at Pitchfork Avant-Garde with Helena Deland, Kelsey Lu, Buzzy Lee, JPEGMAFIA, Let's Eat Grandma + more.

"The song "Daffodils" is about being strong and positive, as in fearless and able to let go of someone who is not good for you despite your attachment - I felt like the depiction of the track would need to be in a place where you could feel the metaphor of a vast horizon of open possibilities. Wide and magical open spaces are so powerful to me. Gabriel told us about the 'White Sands' in New Mexico. We found out we were driving by there during our tour with Men I Trust in June, so we went for it! Time constraints would only allow us to spend a couple hours there, so we drove for 12 hours the day before and woke up at 6 AM to be able to go and shoot. I directed it and shot it with the help of my bandmates. I couldn’t have imagined a better place to capture the song’s video. Driving into White Sands’ natural park was one of the most empowering experiences to us. We had so much fun walking and running endlessly with our eyes wide open, full of admiration. After a while we decided impulsively to set up our gear which we had in the van and we started to play. We felt so alone in the world, playing for the sky and suddenly tons of people enjoying the park started driving in to enjoy the performance… it was so special, until eventually the park security kindly kicked us out!" -- Chloé Soldevila of Anemone