A few weeks back, we premiered the sweet fuzzed-out first track from All Saints Day, the new collaborative project from Katy of Vivian Girls and Gregg of Cat Power. The duo's posted up the rest of their excellent self-titled debut EP on their bandcamp page, and it definitely delivers on all the promise of "It'll Come Around." Download the EP's opening track in 320 kbps below courtesy of the group, and listen to the rest of the record after the jump...

update: Katy tells us that "It'll Come Around" will be released on a 7" on Art Fag soon, with b-side "Only Time Will Tell" (listen after the jump). The band may have some test presses available at their west coast shows with Real Estate/Woods/Young Prisms/Jeremy Jay/etc. in a couple weeks.


<a href="http://allsaintsday.bandcamp.com/track/goodbye">Goodbye by All Saints Day</a>

<a href="http://allsaintsday.bandcamp.com/track/you-cant-be-alone">You Can&apos;t Be Alone by All Saints Day</a>