Yumi Zouma came out of nowhere early this year with an EP of softly shimmering, twilit dream-disco that was so pitch-perfect (right down to the cover art; some might even suggest it was ‘custom-built‘ for us) that it almost felt like it was destined to be a fluke, a debut that was surely the result of some kind of serendipitous long-distance magic that a young group has trouble ever recapturing. We are psyched to report, however, that this is not the case: the band’s gorgeous, sentimental new single “Alena” is the most disco thing the Yumis have ever done, and by the time singer Kim Pflaum hits that swooning, bittersweet refrain — “Come over here and dance with me / it’s true that you will never see me feel better” — it also feels like their shining/defining pop moment. Yumi Zouma’s Alena single is out today on Cascine.

YZ goes on tour later this month with their fellow New Zealander Lorde, followed by an appearance at Iceland Airwaves + a few U.S. shows in November. Check all of their dates after the jump…

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[video concept by Fantavious Fritz + Jane Penny]

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[directed by Alex Delucas / Carleone Films]

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[photos by A$AP Faithy at DTF / Webster Hall]

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The enchanting, Dreamtrak-produced “A Way To Say Goodbye” is the auspicious debut from young South Londoner Hannah Rodgers, aka Pix. Here, the song — with a refrain based on misheard Cocteau Twins lyrics — gets some delightfully creepy visuals to perfectly match its eerie, dream-like whimsy. Directed by the Marshall Darlings.

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NYC’s Katie Rush quietly dropped her very sweet 5-song debut EP Law of Attraction recently, a record teeming with real ’80s nostalgia and sugary neon-pop vibes (the good kind), created with the help of a couple dudes that know a little about that sort of thing, Sam Mehran of Outer Limitz and Zak Mering of Raw Thrills/Greatest Hits. Here’s the EP’s catchiest, most ’80s-teen-flick-mall-scene-soundtrack-ready jam, featuring additional vocals from Samantha Urbani. The Law of Attraction EP is out now here.

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Young Manila-based producer Idris Vicuña — better known as Eyedress — follows up his ominous, Chromatics-esque dark-disco gem “Nature Trips” and the twinkling, bittersweet #prom-pop of “Would You Do the Same For Me” with arguably the best thing he’s done to date: the darkly entrancing first single from his forthcoming debut full-length Astral Traveling Man, “When I’m Gone” is a shadowy, almost mournful love song, featuring gorgeous spectral vocals from London’s GEoRGiA. Look for Eyedress’ debut LP to drop sometime in Spring 2015; catch him on tour later this month with Jungle in the UK (dates after the jump).

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