Tasseomancy is led by sisters Sari and Romy Lightman. Their music taps into the mundane mysticism of diner meetings and pitch shifted Karaoke and driving to the woods in a minivan. Sari and Neil cut up footage of a Bauhaus ballet and made a video for this song that Romy wrote. They got everything right with this one. – R, TOPS

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Pascale and Antoine – who make music as Mathematique and Dresden Dresses/Antoine 93 respectively – embody everything that makes the Montreal music scene so great. They’re extremely dedicated musicians and artists who bring tons of positive energy wherever they go and make time to play in other people’s bands and have fun while striving to make something totally unique and straight from the heart. This video isn’t the most recent thing either of them have done, but it’s my favorite. I especially love the way they capture the free spirited people of Montreal alongside the cities’ bleak snowy periods. A+! – JP, TOPS

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Thought I would do a combo ‘shades of’ post. Loneliness and Change are deeply connected, two themes that are truly elemental and run throughout pretty much all of our music. – DVC, TOPS

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Chill pimp video to vibe to. Sometimes I put this on and just wonder where this life is taking me. Usually ends in deep space. This song is Larry Aheard of it’s time. – DVC, TOPS

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TOPS on the site, we are pretty excited to be leading the way today. In order to truly experience this takeover there is one necessary step to be taken. Open this air-horn sample in a separate tab and play it sporadically during or in-between any posts that we make throughout the day. You can try it out with one of my all time favourite songs ‘Modern Lovers’ by forgotten British new wave band Fay Ray. Check this girl’s voice out! – DVC, TOPS

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Extremely psyched to have one of our favorite pop bands in the world right now taking over the site today: say hi to TOPS, whose new LP Picture You Staring — easily one of the best records of the year — is out this week on Arbutus. You can listen to that here, and stay up on all of the sweet posts TOPS have planned for you throughout the day here.

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[photo by faith silva]

Not sure where this video comes from, but here’s a last minute contender for your late-night jam of the summer: an all new & improved, Don Bolles-produced version of an older Ariel Pink track called “Shower Me With Lipstick“, very possibly taken from his just-finished forthcoming LP for 4AD:

[vid removed at request of label]

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