One of our favorite songs of 2014 so far, which Allie X apparently “sort of just vomited out in one day,” gets a video, directed and edited by Jungle George. Watch + download the track for free below:

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Before Leanne Macomber was making sparkling, romantic synth-pop with Joel Ford as Ejecta, she made hauntingly intimate, slightly less sparkling, but also very romantic dream-pop in beloved Denton, TX duo Fight Bite. Today Leany sent over her new Swissex Mixtape, which is “neither a mix nor a tape”, but a lovely collection of stripped-down versions of previously released Fight Bite tracks, as well as “sketches past present and future.” So, not technically a new Fight Bite release, but very dreamy and emotional all the same. Listen to the tape in its entirety below, then pay whatever you’d like to download it here.

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Nicolas Jaar, presumably devastated after his home country’s heartbreaking loss in the World Cup, shares an edit he made a couple years ago for free download:

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“Perth fantasy windsurfer” Eleventeen Eston drops his debut Delta Horizon cassette, sounding “like the soundtrack to some mythically faded new wave instructional hang gliding video” (an aside: Britt from Not Not Fun writes the best album bios around). Serious Rangers / Ariel Pink weather channel soft-psych vibes to be found here, which I guess we’ve missed more than we knew in this post-Alt Zones landscape :/ Video directed by Benjamin Shearn. Delta Horizon is limited to 100 copies, out this week on NNF.

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[download Grimes' Blood Diamonds collab "Go" for free here]

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Hugo Manuel aka Chad Valley drops a balmy tropical re-work of Lusine‘s “Two Dots” under his tailor-made-for-summer-nights Turks & Caicos side project, which you might recall from this very dreamy Kate Bush flip. Catch Mr. Valley + Lusine on next month’s Cascine & Friends summer tour along with Yumi Zouma, Lemonade, + more.

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