Former Studio wizard Dan Lissvik unveils the starry first new jam from his newest project, Atelje. Update: and another track, “Transition“:

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Arguably the greatest Taylor Swift remix of all time, second only to maybe Recycle Culture‘s other Taylor Swift remix. Download it here:


Taylor Swift :: State of Grace (Recycle Culture remix)

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[16mm film by Paul Clipson / via Rookie]

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Taken from DEERSBARN 7″, out November 3 on Lucky Number / Mom + Pop.

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gorilla vs. bear halloween 2014 mix (72 mb)

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TOPS x tei shi

ellie herring

lydia ainsworth

saint pepsi

ryn weaver

mary j. blige

tei shi


[all photos by Faith Silva / more after the jump...]

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[watch "Jell-o" here]

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Our late night go-to jam these days (when not listening to pom pom or PBVSGR, of course) has been Favors, the stellar new cassette release from former TOPS bassist Thom Gillies and Cameron MacLean, aka Vesuvio Solo. The tape’s standout track — a gloriously warped and catchy sophisti-pop gem called “Avion” that’s become one of our most played songs of the year in a matter of weeks — gets a hazy video that only enhances the jam’s seedy, late night vibes:

Favors, which features a supporting cast of Montreal all-stars (Jane Penny on flute!), is out now on Banko Gotiti in North America and on Atelier Ciseaux everywhere else. Vesuvio Solo plays a couple of shows at CMJ this weekend; check those dates, and listen to Favors in its entirety, after the jump…

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