I guess we’ll take a short break from wearing out the beautiful, euphoria-inducing new debut 12″ from Doss to listen to this perfectly blissed-out new mix that she made for VFILES. Tracklist after the jump, and if you don’t have the EP yet, pick it up on white vinyl here.

NAME: Baby
AGE: ??
EXP : Infinite
STRENGTH : Capable
LOYALTY : Persevering
SPEED ‎: Hyper

Extracted from Unregistered Hyper Session 005

Including the following information:

Doss Intro
MJ Cole – Introduction
EBTG – Before Today (Adam F Remix)
RE:NDZ – From Ten to Nine (Dil Remix)
Ken Ishii – Stretch (Shogun Remix)
DV-I – Shenzhen Miracle
Submerse – Kashoku
Unknown feat Bjork – Machines
The House Crew – Euphoria (Nino’s Dream)
Mistabishi – No Matter What

「I don’t understand」

  • 2 Hollers

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