Check this post on Kanye’s blog, entitled “SOME DOPE SHIT FOR MY APARTMENT,” in which Kanye gets psyched about our Collected Animals/IM bros from Florida, Blind Man’s Colour. The duo is currently unsigned, but with the combination of their dreamy underwater (warm, shallow water though, like a coral reef) soundscapes and Yeezy’s endorsement, this might not be the case for long. Below, the opening track from BMC’s unreleased full-length Season Dreaming, and a really nice clip for an unfinished ambient jam.

blind man’s colour :: the warm current’s pull



Here’s a teaser clip for Sebastien Tellier‘s upcoming “Roche” video, in which his awesome/hideous Sexuality cover art comes to life. Literally. As in, he actually rides a horse across some girl’s ass:


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