Thanks to Raven Sings the Blues for assisting in my effort to extend summer for one more day (despite the fact that it gets dark at 5:00 PM now), via the laid back, dubby tropical sounds of New Jersey native Ducktails. According to Visitation Rites, this particular beach jam is “built on a 2-second instrumental loop from Gétatchèwe Kassa‘s “Tezeta Slow” (a song featured on an installment of the incredible Ethiopiques series), which goes a long way to explaining why it’s so rad:

ducktails :: beach point pleasant

Look out for a number of upcoming Ducktails releases, including a split 7″ with Wavves coming soon on Release the Bats.



Speaking of Wavves, his “Beach Boys-meet-Siltbreeze sound” can be fully appreciated on his Beach Demon/Weed Demon 7″, which is now available at Tic Tac Totally. Like his debut cassette release, I imagine these will be long gone in the next week or two, so get on it.

EDIT: oops, already sold out. well that took about 36 hours. hope my order went through in time :(

wavves :: weed demon


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