It’s a rare occasion that two worthy Balearic(ish) slow-motion disco songs show up in my mailbox on the same day. One’s from San Francisco, the other from Sweden, and both are late night beach jams intended to make you lament the onset of autumn (depending on your locale):

windsurf :: pocket check
pallers :: humdrum

Pocket Check” is kind of old, but will appear on Windsurf‘s upcoming Coastlines LP, which is due out October 27 via Prins ThomasInternasjonal label. “Humdrum” is brand new, and will appear on Pallers’ debut EP, due out December 3 on Sweden’s esteemed, mostly indie-pop Labrador label. Labrador calls Pallers’ sound, “dance music for the lazy, the blazers and for the slightly depressed.”



A slight change of pace: our friend Alan Palomo (ex-Ghosthustler frontman) sent over this Kill the Noise remix of the first single under his new VEGA moniker:

VEGA :: all too vivid (kill the noise remix)
VEGA :: all too vivid (original)

Check a pretty tight fan-made video for “All Too Vividafter the jump…


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