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Thanks to ISO50 for posting this amazing recording of Delia Derbyshire‘s utterly haunting 1964 sound collage, “Dreams,” in which Derbyshire set “a collection of spliced/reassembled interviews” of people relating details about their recurring dreams (or nightmares) against her own “dissonant, often terrifying musique concrete soundbeds…” Listen alone/in the dark for the full effect.

delia derbyshire :: dreams pt. 4: sea (1964 UK radio)

While browsing other Delia Derbyshire recordings here, I came across this equally disquieting, extremely lo-fi 1971 recording called “Tutankhamun’s Egypt,” which allegedly includes “trumpet calls from a 1939 recording of the silver trumpet found in Tutankhamun’s burial chamber” (the contents of which we saw today in Dallas, coincidentally). Pretty fascinating, if in fact that’s accurate:

delia derbyshire :: tutankhamun’s egypt



It’s been too long since I posted anything new from Marissa Nadler, but she’s recently started a blog, where she’s sharing videos and unreleased songs, including this beautiful new home recording of Townes Van Zandt’s classic “Colorado Girl” (also once covered by Devendra, although I prefer Marissa’s version).

marissa nadler :: colorado girl (townes van zandt cover)

Marissa Nadler‘s new album, Little Hells, is finished, and will be released in early ’09 on Kemado.


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