You guys seemed to like that Fan Death stuff from the other day as much as I did, so here’s another track that’s available for free download on the group’s myspace page. “When the Money’s Right” is a pulsing, cinematic instrumental, and like the duo’s exceptional first single, “Veronica’s Veil,” it’s the live strings that really set it apart:

fan death :: when the money’s right


not related to anything:

I’ve been inexplicably singing this jam all day, so I thought I’d dig up the video, which I hadn’t seen since it was in rotation on BET for like a week back in the day. In addition to the impossibly infectious hook, this song features one of Andre 3000‘s most absurd (and underrated) verses ever, and his cameo here is just ridiculous. Anyone know what happened to this guy?



Banksy in New Orleans (via YANP)


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