vivian girls, with the mohawk’s resident bear

After listening to this record back-to-back-to-back over the last hour and change, I’m completely in love with Vivian Girls‘ self-titled new LP, a collection of mostly sub-two minute, noisy/sweet pop songs that’s about as infectious as anything I’ve heard all year. The girls have garnered mad lofty comparisons to the Vaselines and the Shop Assistants, and those appear to be entirely warranted. Of course, like all respectable ridiculously limited/hip vinyl-only releases, Vivian Girls was basically sold out the second it was released. Luckily, it’ll be available again this fall on In The Red (one time home to the Black Lips, the Dirtbombs, King Khan, et al).

vivian girls :: where do you run to

Vivian Girls are currently on tour, and I somehow missed them when they rolled through TX.

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