Panda Bear of Animal Collective

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Animal Collective brought their transcendent live show to Dallas’ bossa nova Granada Theater last night, performing a few reinterpreted Sung Tongs highlights, a couple Panda Bear-penned joints, including the beloved “Untitled” and “Daily Routine,” as well as a heap of new, post-Strawberry Jam jams. This was the band’s first performance in our humble city and, by the crowd’s reaction, well, better late than never, as it were. It was one of the most enthralling performances we have ever seen.

To be honest, it’s hard to believe that such an exquisite, otherworldly sound – one that may well be described as “difficult” — resonates so remarkably with so many. There’s not much of a point in elaborating any further because what they offer is too difficult to describe, but we will say that it’s beyond evident that the band is pushing the genre forward, whatever genre that may be, in ways that will earn them a place in the modern canon. Animal Collective is a band that refuses to rest on its laurels, a band that chooses to challenge rather than appease.

On another note, for those whose interest was piqued this past week by the announcement of their forthcoming long player, Strawberry Jam, Noah Lennox offered us a verbal preview in which he described the record as something of a companion piece to Feels. Whereas Feels was, as Noah explained, “gauzy,” the new record is a bit more “aggressive.” Noah will join us as interviewee/guest DJ for the full two hours on our next Sirius Blog Radio show, which airs Monday, June 4.

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