Jana Hunter

Partially written on her sailboat tour with Peter and the Wolf, Jana Hunter‘s beautiful and soulful new record There’s No Home will be released on Devendra Banhart‘s Gnomonsong label on April 10. This is one of our most highly-anticipated albums of 2007, and this song fully validates our excitement. One of the poppiest numbers she’s has ever written, “Babies” features an infectious rolling bassline and showcases Jana’s talent on her first instrument, the violin, which she’s played since she was 9 years old. The highlight, however, is Ms. Hunter’s uniquely androgynous and haunting vocal turn:

Jana Hunter Babies



Jana Hunter is also in a band called Jracula, and according to her bio on the Gnomonsong website, they’ve completed a record that will be released soon. Here’s what we said about this song back in August:

This song is sort of disjointed and droning (dirge-like, even), but it’s intensely melodic at the same time, with its catchiness only revealing itself after a few listens. The creepy synth line sounds like it was lifted from an old horror flick, and Jana’s haunting vocals are as sinister-sounding and mesmerizing as ever…I don’t know what you’d call it, but Jracula is wading in some unclassifiable territory with this one.

Jracula Carpopolis

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