We’ve made it abundantly and annoyingly clear (sorry dudes) that we love Panda Bear‘s Person Pitch (we all but declared it our album of the year back in January), and “Bros” is going to contend for best song. The video? Not so much, but it sort of fits the uplifting, euphoric vibe of the record. Plus there’s a cat, which is good. Directed by Excepter‘s Jeff Ryan and Panda Bear’s friend Frank, apparently on a budget of free:

As an added bonus, here are a few unreleased new tracks that won’t appear on Person Pitch, recorded live on Portuguese blog Ma Fama, as well as the live version of “Comfy in Nautica” from that session, which includes a cool little intro. “Untitled” and “Bonfire of the Vanities” are especially great:

Panda Bear Untitled (live on Ma Fama)
Panda Bear Bonfire of the Vanities (live on Ma Fama)
Panda Bear Daily Routine (live on Ma Fama)
Panda Bear Comfy in Nautica (live on Ma Fama)

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