Person Pitch

We finally received our promo copy of Person Pitch over the weekend, and it would be an understatement to say that the record far exceeds even our loftiest expectations. From the ridiculous and sublime Agnes Montgomery album art to Panda Bear‘s life-affirming “Liars meets Pet Sounds spirit music” (to paraphrase 20 Jazz Funk Greats) there’s nothing we don’t love about it. I know it’s early, and it’s no secret we’re prone to dishing out superlatives, but this one is going to be tough to supplant as album of the year. In case you missed these the first time around:

Panda Bear Bro’s (edit) mp3
Panda Bear Comfy in Nautica mp3

20 Jazz Funk Greats has the amazing album track “Good Girl/Carrots” available for download here.

Also, check out this absolutely amazing Panda Bear live radio session over at Ma Fama, which includes a great interview w/ Noah as well as a few new songs.

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