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Thanks to our friend Sara (not our real friend, just our myspace friend) for inadvertently introducing us to Glass Candy. We don’t know much about the duo, aside from the fact that they do an amazing cover of “Iko” (mp3). But we do know that they worked on the new Chromatics record in some capacity, so if you liked that “In The City” song we posted the other day (of course you did) then I think it’s safe to say you’ll like this.

Glass Candy Computer Love mp3 (Kraftwerk cover)
Glass Candy Etheric Device mp3



Coincidentally, while perusing Glass Candy’s myspace page, they linked to their “new favorite singer,” a girl named Farah. Farah claims to be from Plano, TX, which is pretty amazing for a couple reasons. It’s about the last place you’d expect a girl like Farah to call home. I went to high school there, and trust me, there were no girls like her around when I lived there. But the more I listen to her detached and unaffected (bored, even?) vocals, the more it kinda makes sense.

Farah Dancing Girls mp3

This song will be a vinyl-only release, taken from Farah’s debut 12″ on Italians Do It Better. Listen to/download 3 more songs at Farah’s myspace.



Check out the video for Beach House‘s “Master of None,” our favorite song from our 8th favorite record of 2006 (via P4K):

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