Jracula is somewhat of a bizarro supergroup made up of some of Texas’ most interesting and innovative musicians, including Jana Hunter, as well as members of The Octopus Project, Butterknife, Woozyhelmet, and Tame…Tame and Quiet. The band is set to release a split LP with Thick Cybernetic Scarecrow in the very near future.

This song is sort of disjointed and droning (dirge-like, even), but it’s intensely melodic at the same time, with its catchiness only revealing itself after a few listens. The creepy synth line sounds like it was lifted from an old horror flick, and Jana’s haunting vocals are as sinister-sounding and mesmerizing as ever. But, you can forget about using the ‘freak-folk’ tag for this one; I don’t know what you’d call it, but Jracula is wading in some unclassifiable territory with this one.

Check out more songs at Jracula’s myspace. “Catbox” is especially awesome.


Jana Hunter is currently on a Sailboat Tour with Peter & the Wolf and The Castanets, which you can view photos of here. She will be touring the East Coast in October with the great Deer Tick. I’ve got a Deer Tick post lined up for tomorrow, but in the meantime here’s a track I posted last year from the split Jana did with Devendra Banhart (buy it). Highly recommended.

Jana Hunter A Bright-Ass Light mp3

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