The new album from Beach House was almost lost amidst a sea of unopened promo cds, but luckily a tip from a friend saved it from its fate at the bottom of a box in my closet. Beach House is a duo (Alex Scally and Victoria Legrand) from Baltimore, Maryland. The band’s short list of influences on myspace includes The Zombies, Neil Young, and the Supremes, but this album is made up of restrained, sad, achingly-pretty “slow hazy pop” songs.

This particular song is all weeping slide guitar and analog synths, and the lo-fi quality makes it feel like it’s coming from the bottom of a well. Miss Legrand’s heart-wrenching voice approaches the chill-inducing territory normally reserved only for someone like Neko, or maybe Nico. Highly recommended, you’ll love it, etc.

Beach House Master of None mp3

Beach House‘s self-titled LP will be available Oct. 3 on Car Park Records.

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